Nine Months of Petra

JC celebrated Petra’s nine-month birthday by hosting a D&D game. You’re never too young, right?

I’ve been wondering when we’d have a rough month with this baby–it’s all been so smooth, so far–and this was it. I can’t complain, really. She’s been so easy, over all. But this was  a rough month. Between teething (4 teeth this month!), a sleep issue, and sudden and severe separation anxiety, we’ve been struggling.

She loves to be outside, so we’ve been spending lots of time in the yard, sitting on a blanket, playing with sticks and flowers, watching the ducks and chickens (oh, we have new ducks and chickens! Very exciting.).

I’ve been “wearing” her a lot. Like, all the time. That’s why I don’t have many pictures of her this month. It’s hard to use the camera to take a picture of a baby who is in a carrier, especially one that is on my body.

When my normally mellow, happy-to-meet-you baby decides she doesn’t even want Daddy to hold her…

When my five-minutes-of-rocking-for-an-hour-of-napping baby becomes one who needs forty minutes of nursing to get a twenty minute nap (and wakes me up every hour all night long (how did I do this for over a year with Silas? I feel like a zombie))…

When the carseat becomes a torture device instead of a fun place with different toys…

I know she’s on the brink of something BIG, developmentally. What’s going to happen this month? She’s not quite crawling yet; she’s in this stage where we put her down and she manages to be halfway across the room in no time, but it’s just scooting and rolling. I’m thinking she’s going to skip crawling and babbling and go straight to turning pirouettes and composing limericks.

Petra’s started blowing kisses, waving, and pointing. She was so excited when she realized she could point at something and I would understand and hand it to her. Big communication!

Loves Silas. LOVE.

She and Silas have been playing together a lot. If he’s in the mood, it goes well. If not, it ends in tears. Their new favorite game is to put a receiving blanket on one of their heads and the other one pulls it off and giggles. Silas even made a little song about it.

I feel like she’s suddenly crossed over to being a BIG baby. Like, it wears me out to carry her in my arms too much. The other day, I had her on my back and I was going up and down the stairs a bunch, taking loads of things up. Before too many trips, my legs started to feel wiggly. The next day, they were as sore as if I’d done a good session at a gym. I don’t know what she weighs now–I’m pretty sure my friend’s four-month-old is bigger–but she just seems more substantial rather suddenly.

A rare moment of being held by somebody else.

I’m curious to see what she’s working on. I sure hope it comes soon. I don’t know if I can handle another month like this one.


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