“The knight, and the dinosaurs, and the big bad wolf are going to the Troll Museum.”

Silas has discovered JC’s D&D figures. He’s constantly asking to “play with the little guys.” He’ll play with them, talking to himself and doing voices for the figures, for truly astounding periods of time.

He just wants to be like Daddy! Of course, his stories are a bit…tamer than JC’s.

JC transcribed what was going on the other night:

“The Scary Man is coming so *this man* [Troll figurine] has to protect the wolves. And the Scary Man’s friend is cute. His other friend is a Dinosaur. I think a Dragon!”

And apparently the gargoyles are named “Jack” and “Jane”…and the dire wolves are “Jill”, “Max”, and “Buddy”. And they’re all at a show…


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