American Visionary Arts Museum

We are the crazies who took a baby and a two-year-old to the American Visionary Art Museum, aka, “No, Silas, don’t touch that!”

I’m mostly kidding. He likes art museums, even if he does need an occasional reminder about keeping his hands to himself and not running.

I’d recommend this museum to people who are interested in things. There was some stuff that kind of seemed more like stunts than art (example: an 18,000 bra ball), but some amazing stuff too. They currently have a wonderful exhibit on art that tells stories. Another, a collection of work by Baltimore artist Gretchen Feldman, featured watercolors so luminous that Granny thought they were lit from behind. Oh, and there was an amazing statue of Icharus that descended through the stairwell (and then winched back up and descended again).

Silas adored the “kinetic sculptures,” little sculptures with handles that he could turn to make them move.

No photos inside! 🙁 But they had a lovely garden, and we took some pictures there.


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