Petra—Art Update, Summer 2024

Petra’s art has taken some new directions in the past few months. She’s experimenting with medium and form, blending her interest in nature and visual arts.

At Forest School, they made ink out of walnuts and painted with feathers. Petra’s landscape with a whimsical squirrel has a fascinating, brooding quality to it (also, peep the dragon in the sky).

She’s also been playing with watercolor and acrylics. Sometimes she’s trying to make something specific, and sometimes she’s just seeing what happens,

She’s been sketching animals and playing with the space between realistic ones…

to the…Chibi

She also makes all manner of 3-D art: besides pottery, there are little dioramas, a porch swing for her Calico Critters, paper sculptures that move and change…

By far, though, my favorite genre of Petra Art is her door riddles. Her whole door is covered with a rotating collection of riddles that, supposedly, might get one entry to her room, and also threats about people entering without permission, which no one in our family, not even Silas does. But handwriting aside, these are pretty clever.

Anyway, this is just further evidence that when my kids say all they want for Christmas is office supplies, they definitely mean it…

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