Thanksgiving Stitches

A few years ago, I saw a blog or something where a family had written what they were thankful for, in permanent marker, on a table cloth every Thanksgiving for a decade or more. It looked so beautiful and fun that I immediately decided I had to do it.

Me being me, I decided it had to be embroidered. So I put out washable pens for people to write with, and then embroidered over them and then washed the leftover marks out.

I color coded them, stitching the year in that color on the border of the tablecloth. 2016 was orange, 2017, purple. I’m not sure what 2018 will be yet, I’ll have to check my stash and see what I have too much of.

This year, we actually went to some friends’ house for Thanksgiving. “Can I bring my tablecloth project?” I asked. They kindly humored me.

I particularly like seeing how the kids’ writing changes over the years, while their interests are…consistent, let’s say.

The children aren’t the only ones with consistent interests…

I feel a little odd sharing this right now–it doesn’t look as neat as I’m sure it will with another couple of years’ worth of writing on them. But I think it’s such a neat idea and I’m loving it so much, I couldn’t help sharing!


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