Before & After: East Bedroom

A while back, Facebook’s memories showed me the first pictures we took of our house, back in 2007. I posted something about how much it has changed, and a number of people commented that I should post the before and after.

Here’s the first one–the east bedroom, upstairs.

This is the “before”:

Note the incredibly attractive red shag carpeting.

Also the hideous Masonite faux-wood panelling.

The bizarre light fixture (are we on a pirate ship?).

And the 100% lack of insulation. Just the other side of this wood are the shingles and the big sky.

This was one of the first projects we tackled. With help from various friends and relatives, we tore out the old carpet, laid some hardwood, rolled in some insulation, and painted the room red–with chalkboard walls! Here’s the post about the renovation, which was completed just in time to be the birthplace of baby Silas.

Last fall, I gave it a quick paint job, to brighten it up a bit for my big kids.


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