Cozy Woodland Nest

Back before baby Silas was born, we tore out some hideous carpet, spent days on borrowed scaffolding, and created a livable, insulated, space for him to start out his life in.

Look at this adorable 7-year-old who helped us paint it!

And so it was “the red room” for seven years.

We were all fine with that, until last spring when the kids started talking about wanting to paint it. The red was pretty dark, and with the curtains we put up to try to keep them from waking up at I-don’t-even-want-to-talk-about-how-early (they don’t work), even more so. They insisted that they didn’t play up there much (ever) because it was so dark. I told them that if they could agree on a color, I would consider repainting the room.

Wonder of wonders, they neary immediately selected a color that they both agreed on.

And then I procrastinated FOREVER, but I figured I better do it before they changed their minds, so part of their Christmas present was that I painted their room.

The color, unfortunately, doesn’t photograph well. Here’s the official Benjamin Moore catalog shot for “Soft Marigold.”

It does have that warm, buttery feel, particularly in the early morning light or when the kids have their twinkle lights on at bed time. Unfortunately, I took these photos in the afternoon, when it looks sort of tan-ish. But trust me, it’s mostly this gorgeous.

The piece of their Christmas room redecoration that they didn’t know about was some new cozy flannel sheets. I found these ADORABLE woodland creatures sheets on a Black Friday sale and snapped them up. Petra and Silas prefer to sleep with a duvet rather than a top sheet, so I ordered some extra flannel in solid, coordinating colors, and turned the top sheets that came with the set into flannel duvet covers.

JC took them out for a bit this afternoon, and I swapped the sheets. I also rotated their toys, taking care to bring out ones that carried on that woodland creature theme (we have a lot of that sort of thing, largely thanks to Petra). When they got home, they were genuinely surprised. Petra can be rather particular about her bed, so it took a little time to grow on her, but even she ended up loving it.

I even found a spot to hang up the hedgehog mobile that Fairy Godmother Bethany got for baby P back in the day. She had been complaining that the spot where I had it hanging in the sewing room didn’t allow them full movement.

I think the flannel sheets are helping them, too. After we put them to bed, they only came down twice before deciding it was nicer to stay nestled all snug in their beds. <3


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