Nopevember Update

I mentioned that JC and I decided to declare November “(K)Nopevember” and actively say “nope” to anything that felt extra.

Might I say, I recommend this strategy. Sure, there were some things we missed out on that might have been fun, but having this month of respite between our go-go-go October and the every-weekend-a-different-Christmas December was wonderful. We did some around-the-house things, spent time with our kids and friends, shared a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with new friends and old, and yes, bingewatched a lot of Parks and Rec. We liked that so much that we’re actually finishing the show in the New Year.

“I made this picture about death. This is a feathered dinosaur. It is flying fast. You can tell because it has five speed lines. This drawing is called, ‘A Meteor Suddenly Appeared in the Sky.'”

I was able to finish my semester strong, although I don’t think I want to teach such a heavy courseload again unless it’s an actual, full-time-with-benefits job. Splitting a full load between two institutions meant that I was in the adjunct trap of working A TON but getting the pay and nonbenefits of a part-timer.

New book!

We spent quality time with our kids, playing games, reading books, and doing a lot of writing and drawing.

Taught Silas to play Solitaire

We cared for and passed on another clowder of kittens.

What’s next?

I’m declaring January UFO month. I’m not teaching or directing this semester (although I’m still doing a lot of other work), so I have a bit more time and flexibility in my schedule. I have a ton of half-finished projects, craft and otherwise, and I want to finish them in January.

Projects include:

  • Kids’ baby books (they each have a decent first year, but those annual updates are…less consistent, let’s say).
  • Finish some half-done renovation details in various rooms
  • Wrap up a few sewing projects that have been sitting around for ages waiting to get the last bit done
  • Weave in and block two hats that are otherwise 100% done.
  • Catch up a few blog things that have been languishing
  • Produce a new series of archival posts for the Community Mennonite Church podcast.
  • Probably a bunch of other things


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  1. Carol
    January 2, 2018

    Enjoyed reading! Hope you and yours are well <3

    • Aili
      January 2, 2018

      All good here. And I hope you had a fun holiday season!

  2. David
    January 2, 2018

    UFO as in, “UnFinished Objects”? Nice!

    • Aili
      January 2, 2018


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