Tiny Dancer

Petra started dance class a few weeks ago. I had to literally bribe her into going (and since we so rarely bribe, she didn’t really get the concept), but she ended up LOVING it. Immediately after her first class, she asked me if she could sign up for the fall sessions. She likes her teachers, she’s learning new words, and she’s doing a pretty good job of paying attention and participating.

Plus she’s stoked about her little dance skirt. Still haven’t been able to talk her into a bun, but I imagine it’s just a matter of time.

One thing I love about it is how she’s very interested in the idea of getting stronger and better, and not super into being a princess ballerina. She told me this week, “I did better at leaping, but worse at listening to my teacher. I’ll do better at both next time!” That is 100% exactly the right attitude to have for any athletic enterprise.

I’m glad she loves it. Both of my children are genetically predisposed to be super uncoordinated (they get it from both sides, unfortunately!), and having a structured way to practice moving their bodies and becoming aware of them is super important. Still trying to find the right thing for Silas; he enjoyed dance when he took it, but decided he didn’t want to do it for more than one semester, and now, a few years later, he isn’t watching Petra’s class with envy. He’s interested in aikido, but he’d have to put his hair in a pony tail for safety with any martial art (or most athletic things, really), and he refuses. We’ll be going to the pool at UREC a lot this fall, so maybe swimming will become his thing, which would be fine with me. I suspect neither of my kids will ever be especially into team sports. A whole family of loners and rebels, here.

Some adorbs photos (unfortunately, it’s tough to get good pictures in there because of the place where family has to wait, the reflections in the glass, etc….):

And also a cute little video compilation:


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