Frontier Culture Museum

Mom, Gary, and I took the kids to the Frontier Culture Museum, in Staunton, VA, a few weeks ago. Silas LOVED it. I mean really loved it.

It’s an interesting museum, rather unusual for a living history museum in that it attempts to recreate several different times and places. One side of it is “the old world,” representing homes in Ireland, Germany, England, and West Africa during the various periods when people from those places were emigrating (or, in the case of West Africa, being forcibly brought) to Virginia. The other side represents homes from various periods of American history–a Native American village, a 1740’s log cabin, some rather nice homes for 1820 and 1850.

Silas has been reading a lot of Magic Treehouse books, so he is beginning to construct some idea of history. He was very excited to see the homes and talk to the interpreters. I don’t know if this did much to reinforce his idea of history, but it couldn’t have hurt. We’ll have to come back again. I had only been once before, to their lantern tours at Christmas time, which were beautiful. Both kids were entirely fascinated with the West African home. Their other favorite part was trying to haul a bucket of water up from a well.


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