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Sorry for being so quiet around here lately. We’ve just been super busy making Christmas presents (JC’s family does EARLY Christmas, which I actually love…except that it’s a bit of a scramble in November), winterizing the micro-farm (more on that later), and dealing with sick kids (they’re mostly better).

BUT! I wanted to share these photos I took at the natural playground over at the JMU Arboretum. I don’t get over there much because we live in the woods, so…why drive to the city to play in the woods? But we went for the annual Children’s Harvest Festival, and it was really lovely. Petra got to see the Duke Dog (“The Duke Dog is like a cartoon that is real!”), and they both got to touch an alpaca.

I had told them that one of the events listed was a fairy who would tell a story and take the children on a magical forest walk. I *thought* that Silas knew fairies were fictional. He’s a pretty practical kid. He loves to pretend about dragons, for example, but he knows he’s not likely to meet one. And yet, when we got there and I pointed out the “fairy”–a college student in a sparkly dress–he was so sad he almost cried. He thought they’d have a real fairy. I was so sad for him.

I convinced him to come check out another activity, where the kids found various nuts in the woods and identified them, and a few minutes into that, we found Lillian and Arthur. Those nuts discovered, the fairy was forgotten, and the children played happily.


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