Petra says…

I’ve been dumping some Petra sayings on Facebook. Just going to collect them here.


Every time she gets someone on the phone:

I’m having a Rainbow Birthday Party! (it was October 11).

Nov. 9:
There was a flower girl and they ate some cake and they were dead. The cake killed them.
Then a fairy came and the fairy made them alive again and they were so happy.
Then the fairy got a booboo.
Then the fairy got up from the ground. Heheheh.
Mama, I don’t know what happens next.

Nov. 10:

at the dentist

Petra (looking at the decor): Oooh! Octopus!
Hygienist: Wow, that’s quite the vocabulary.
Petra: Oh, yes, I have very vocabulary.

Nov. 15: I’m making a story of Cinderella. In my story, she doesn’t marry the prince. She has a duck. She goes to the ball and dances with the duck. The duck dies.


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