Silas says…round-up!

I’ve been dumping lots of “Silas Says” on Facebook because it’s so fast, so here’s a round up of recent ones…

Nov. 9:

Silas made up this song (while looking at a book about butterflies):

A butterfly can’t say I love you.
A butterfly can’t say I love you.
A butterfly can’t say I love you.
A caterpillar is not a worm.
A caterpillar is not a worm.
The caterpillars love their mommies.
The caterpillars turn into a butterfly.
Their wings appear.
Their head appears.
When you open a cocoon, you see the butterfly.
Butterflies all live in a butterfly garden.
Butterflies live at home.
Butterflies in the sky…Butterfly….


Nov. 14:

I’m going to draw a picture of what I want for Christmas.
What you want to give someone or what you hope to receive?
What I want to get.


The picture in question.
The picture in question.

Tell me about your picture! Is it a doll?
No, it’s Petra.
I though that you were drawing what you want to get for Christmas.
Yes, that’s right. All I want for Christmas is Petra.
But you already have Petra. You can’t get any more Petra. That’s all we’ve got.
That’s all I need.

Nov. 15:

Making little monsters out of puffballs
“I call them sky scrapers. They come out in the day and cut the sky in half. Like little balls of sun.”

Nov. 19: Dad…you’re getting…*older*, right?

Nov. 21: I want to study books for my job when I grow up. Can I do that and still be a daddy?


Sort-of related…his art lately is UN. REAL.

Let’s just all remember that he just turned 4.

Here’s a monster he drew:


I said, “Oh, I like your one-eyed monster.”

He said, “No, he has two eyes, but the other eye is on the other side of his face, which you can’t see in this picture.” He then went on to point out that the monster has only front teeth and has a horn off the back of his head.”

I’m no expert, but I think profile drawing at four is unusual.

Then, today, he was drawing with Lillian (she’s almost 7).


I listened to them talking about their drawings, and learned that Silas was drawing “Monsterland,” and Lil was drawing “Jungeland.” After a bit more digging, I learned that these two places share a mountainous border. Lillian showed me how she had “Monsterland” in the far distance on her picture.

Lillian’s picture–notice the wild monsters on the mountains (very small). Also, pay attention to the orange volcano-looking thing in the top right quadrant. She called it a palace.

What shocked me was not that Lillian incorporated Silas’ imaginary world into her drawing–she is that kind of kid.

No, what shocked me was what I saw when Silas told me about his drawing.


He drew “Monsterland,” with “Jungleland” on the horizon, including perspective. Look how tiny those squiggly creatures at the top, on the mountain range, are. He said, “Those are the animals in jungle land.” And then he pointed to that yellow blob thing on the top right and said, “Oh, and here’s the palace.” YES THAT PALACE.

I was dumbfounded. They were drawing the same border from opposing perspectives and accurately incorporating elements of each other’s drawings.


I can’t even draw perspective remotely well, and I’m a lot older than they are.



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