Jack and Sarah Say…

Silas and Petra have begun a complicated game/story that they talk about as “The Adventures of Sarah and Jack.” With no warning at all, they will insist that we need to call them Sarah and Jack. And they go on adventures, playing nicely and quietly with each other, for lots of time. The other day, they actually played for nearly an hour without fighting or being in my way (but today, they were under foot and refusing to be Jack and Sarah, despite my pleas. I like Jack and Sarah).

Jack and Sarah like to dance (photo by Gary Auerbach)
Jack and Sarah like to dance (photo by Gary Auerbach)

Here’s what we’ve learned, mostly from Silas:

Sarah and Jack live in the woods in Virginia.

Do they have animals?

Yes, foxes and giraffes and tigers. (Petra: And horses!)

What do they do?

They go on adventures, looking for their friend Witchen. She’s a friendly witch.

Do they have any special powers?

Yes. Sarah can shoot fire out of her hands and Jack can shoot fire out of his eyes.

Do they have parents?

No. It’s just them. They are brother and sisters.


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