For Silas’ fourth birthday, he wanted to have a camping trip. I gave him the option of picking a friend to invite along. I thought he would ask one of his preschool friends (and I would then beg their parent to join us), but he said he wanted his cousin Olivia, who is ten, to come. Even though she lives six inconvenient hours away, her mom drove her down so she could come with us. I was surprised and touched that Silas picked Olivia, whom he doesn’t see frequently, to be his special guest.

Unfortunately, it rained steadily that day, so we decided to just have a sleep over instead. The day cleared up right after we made that decision, but it was a little too late to change our minds. We had a fun time at the house, anyway–walking around the farms and down by the river, eating dinner outside, camp fire and smores, playing games, and exploring.

Last weekend, JC took Silas and Carlos on a men-only camping trip, to make up for the dud that this one turned out to be. They did real back-country camping, for the first time. It was cold, but they all enjoyed it, from what I could gather. I’m going to go ahead and call this a birthday success.


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