Petra is allllllmost potty trained. Like. Really really close. I wanted to find some way to motivate her, kind of push her over the edge. She’s very excited about Silas’ Sesame Street underpants. So I said, “If you get very good at using the potty, then we can get you some Sesame Street underpants, too.”

Famous last words.

It turns out, you can’t buy reusable training pants with characters on them. I suspect this is because whoever makes Pull-Ups has locked up all the licensing deals anyone would want. Petra has a couple pairs of Blueberry trainers, and she likes the animals, but it’s not the same. Also, those things are expensive. I mean, we like them, but I got them on sale. So what is a potty whisperer to do?

I decided I could probably make some adequate trainers myself. I let her pick out her own pack of big-girl panties (they didn’t have Sesame Street, but she was excited to pick Minnie Mouse instead).

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Then I cut up an old cloth diaper, sewed the pieces inside the panties, and… boom! Training pants with licensed characters. Success!

She actually works pretty hard at keeping them dry, when we’re at home. When she has an accident, she always says, “Mickey pants sad, Mama. Mickey pants so sad.” And then we get dry ones, which she declares “so happy!”


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  1. Sheena
    October 2, 2014

    haha, what a cutie. 🙂

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