The Saga Begins

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This week, my son, who turns four in five days, insisted that “I want to use that book [5e Players Handbook] to make a character for my stories!” So, I broke out the six-sided dice, taught him how to roll stats (4d6, drop lowest), asked him a few basic questions, and translated his riffing into stats. His responses (actual quotes)  and the results appear below.

What do you want to be?

“I want to play a dragon!”
“He’s really a nice fighter named Khaka! Khaka is a good name for a dragon!”

What is your dragon’s job?

“My dragon’s job is killing gnomes. He just breathes fire and that’s how he kills gnomes.”

Does he do anything else?

“He actually likes to cook pasta with meatballs for people. He’s a cooker and a fighter.”


Anything else?

“He’s good at swimming, but if he swims he gets really sick.”


What is his background? What was he like as a kid?

“He is a HERO!”
“He was actually a TERRIBLE MONSTER before he was a hero. When he was a baby he was a terrible monster. When he was a terrible monster he made fire, but when he was a hero he just saved the day all the time.” [sadly I cannot capture the matter-of-fact voice and knowing nodding that accompanied this last statement]

(This is a more detailed background than I get from many adult gamers…)

So he kills gnomes. What does he use other than fire?

“I use a sword and shield to fight. Like ‘I’m gonna lay down my sword and shield down by the riverside…'” [starts singing]
“And he needs a saw and an axe!”



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