Silas Drawings

Presented without comment (but with captions!), Silas’ recent art.

The artist at work, drawing, I KID YOU NOT: A backdrop for a set that is a city. Can a play be in a city, Mama?
Craziest playdate ever.
Drawing a guy on a pizza box.
The three bears before Goldilocks comes. Setting up chairs. Making beds.
Three bears. Goldilocks in Baby Bear’s bed.
Jack is the little boy. The braid things are the rest of his hat. This story is called “Jack and the Monsters.” The monsters are two-eyed, and they are nice monsters.
The Storm of the Dwarves
Monster Elevation by Illustration Groans Bear (no, I drew the picture and just a fictional monster wrote everything)
Monster Mether. Some monsters fight with a little girl who doesn’t know anything about monsters. Then the monsters have a big fight and kill the little girl, and the monsters live happily ever after.
This story is called “Meaty and the Beaty.” They ran around on the playground and never came back home. Their daddy has a penis.
The monsters and the little girls. These monsters are mean.
Noah’s Ark (a get-well card for Marmee). I didn’t get it until he pointed out the giraffes hanging off the top. Also note the rainbow.
Portrait of the artist as a young man.

I cannot find this drawing, but I wrote down his description: This is Alice in Wonderland, and this is Brother Bear, and this is a giant monster, and this is the shadow of the dark melba queen coming out of the mist…


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  1. Anonymous
    September 8, 2014

    Great Grandmother Betty is enjoying your artwork.
    Tomorrow you will be FOUR.
    Love and Kisses to you and Petra

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