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We’re night-weaning Petra. I’m kind of generally weaning her, but the night time is the big one. I can’t handle the sleep deprivation any more, and I think she’s old enough that she doesn’t need to nurse at night, really. It’s just a habit. She’s older than Silas was when I night-weaned him.

We’re using a modified version of the Dr. Jay Gordon method. Basically, before a certain time, JC responds to Petra. After that time, I will go in and nurse her. The time moves toward morning, an hour every couple of days.

There is a lot of screaming. That’s what’s happening right now–JC is rocking her, and I’m listening to the screams at a distance. We agreed on midnight as the time when I would become available.

I remember that this was hard with Silas. I’m not surprised that it’s hard now. I know we’ll all sleep much better and be happier and friendlier when it’s over, but it’s going to be a rough several nights.

How can someone this cute be so loud?

On a sort-of related (but not really) note, JC has a contract for the first time in a long time (!). We’re trying not to go too crazy with excitement. It’s a temporary gig that has the potential to turn into a job, which is a more joblike thing than we’ve seen in a while, for him.

In the past year, we’ve both grown so much and learned a lot about ourselves and our priorities. I’ve experienced some very intense spiritual growth, too. But I’m kind of ready to get a break from all this growing and stretching and challenging. I’d like for things to quiet down for a little bit.

There’s a metaphor in here, but I’m too tired to find it.


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