The Last Potty Picture

Little Critter is getting to be an expert at the potty thing. She has a lot of control over it, and she is the sole determiner of whether we will have a good potty day or not. She’s especially thrilled about sitting on the Big Potty like Silas. The seat we have is actually part of the regular toilet seat. It’s hard to explain, but we like it, and it’s a lot easier than a potty reducer ring–those things slide around too much. I only wish we’d discovered this sooner.

It’s an amazing and liberating feeling to think that we’re close to the beginning of the end of diapers. Don’t get me wrong–I love cloth diapers, but they are still, let’s be clear, DIAPERS. Which are vessels for poop.

My little chub nut is growing up. I won’t be posting any more pictures of her chubby little body in all its nude cuteness. We’re weaning. She’s talking. It’s unreal.

I’m not so into babies, really. I love that Silas can tell us what is going on in his mind and ask us questions about things. I find children who can share their imaginings with me much more interesting than the screaming boxes of need that they are when they first arrive. Like every new mother, I marveled at their incredibly tiny toenails and sweet grunting nursing sounds, but I was looking forward to the next thing. I don’t think I’ll miss nursing much, and I’m ready to be done with diapers. I’m a bit more reluctant to give up co-sleeping and baby-wearing, but I’m excited to see her develop new skills and march out into the world on her own two feet.


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