Mother’s Day (belated)

I remember when I was three and my preschool class grew plants for Mother’s Day. I don’t remember what kind of plant it was, although I can picture it in my mind. It had heart-shaped leaves that were pink in the middle and dark green around the edges. I remember Mom putting it in the big picture window over the kitchen sink.

I forget what this is called. I call them “Fraggle Flowers.”

Silas grew a flower in Sunday school for Mother’s Day. I got it late because we were out of town on the actual day. He is very proud of himself.

His teachers also asked him some questions about me and wrote down the answers. Here is the transcription:

My mom’s name is Mama. She is “I don’t know”years old. My mom has brown hair and her eyes are maybe brown.

My mom’s favorite food is roast beef. [ed note: I’m sure he means “roast beast,” as in what the Whos down in Whoville eat for Christmas dinner in The Grinch.]

Her favorite color is maybe blue.

My mom knows how to make roast beef really well. [ed note: Nope.]

I love to play farm with my mom.

My mom works really hard writing on the computer, sometimes she goes to sleep. [ed note: That sounds nice…]

Something special I would like to tell mommy: “Let’s have a snack” [That’s my boy!]


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  1. May 25, 2013

    It’s so fascinating to learn how our children perceive us, isn’t it?

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