On the way to our playdate, Silas said, unprompted, “I will play with James and I will be gentle with my friends.”

Elisabeth reported that Silas gave her a gentle hug and let go when she was done. This shows improvement.

He was pretty gentle with James, too.

At first.

Boys are like puppies.

Seeing Silas develop friendships and start to get that his friends have feelings gives me hope. Hope, among other things, that he will stop throwing sand in the sandbox. If he can control is exuberant hug instinct, surely he can control that.

The littler ones, on the other hand, still haven’t quite figured out the whole friend thing. I’m looking forward to watching it grow.

He’s crying because his mom went in the house. Lillian said, “Why is Arthur crying? He has Petra with him.” She doesn’t understand that he doesn’t understand that friends can make you feel better.


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