Playtime in the Cherry Tree

One of my favorite pictures from Silas’ first year is this one, taken by Rebekah Girvan Photography. I’m totally in love with our weeping cherry, and having my fat little baby under it makes it a whole new level of gorgeous.

The other day, just before the bloom ended, I took The Fatty and Squish out there for a shoot of my own. I’m no Rebekah, but we got a few neat pictures.

Petra under the cherry tree
Silas: “The green turned PINK!”

I love how they are already playing together, how I’m becoming more of an observer. Something about the curtain of cherry blossoms drove this home, hanging between me and them.

New favorite game: putting grass or weeds on other people’s heads. Let’s hope he grows out of this one soon.
Weeds on the bunny–not as bad.


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  1. Brittany Jackson
    May 1, 2013

    Love these!!!!

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