7 Months!

Seven months old…

I told JC that I can’t believe Petra is seven months old already. Silas’ first year seemed to last forever, but Petra’s is scooting along. “We have Silas to distract us this time around,” he pointed out. True.

and on the move!

Petra can’t quite crawl yet, but she really wants to. She’s so close. Silas didn’t crawl until he was about 10 months old, but Petra has a lot less weight to haul around.

Speaking of Silas, wow does she ever love him. He’s with Mom and Gary for an overnight visit. This afternoon, I started to read her a book, and she looked around for a moment, and then her face just crumpled. She wailed and wailed. JC figured it out–he picked her up and showed her the photo book we made for Silas. She stopped crying and started giggling and squealing, tapping every picture of him. So cute.


We went to West Virginia for Olivia’s birthday party, and to Winchester to meet Gary’s mom, but other than that, we’ve been mostly at home together. It’s good to watch the spring roll across the Valley.

Petra enjoyed Olivia’s party.

Petra’s intense teething phase has ended (for now), and she’s back to sleeping mostly–waking up only once at night, and even napping occasionally. She gets a little overwhelmed when there is a lot of chaos, but she’s mostly very friendly.

I could explain to you how Petra is related to the woman who is holding her, but there’s not much space in this caption box.

Petra has been eager to put those two shiny teeth to use. I took a big pile of pictures of her eating…Here are a bunch

Millet cereal and applesauce facials. It’ll be all the rage next year

Through all the stress and insanity of the past couple of months, my kids are a spot of sunshine. They have been just great, lately, both in very stable, fun phases. I know it won’t last, but I am so grateful for it while it is here.

Making eyes at Daddy.

Petra is such a blessing. Even at her worst, she’s an easy baby, and she’s given me an easy month. I needed that.


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