Trim up the tree

Plotting to get all the candy canes off Alex’s tree.

Lest people think that, by forgoing a normal tree, we are robbing our kids of one of the special joys of Christmas, I want to make sure that everyone knows Silas got to decorate at least one tree and partially un-decorate several others.

My mom and stepdad have moved to Winchester, but since they still have their house in WV, they decided to stay there for the holidays. My stepdad called us and said, “Your mom is going to be bummed about how bare the house looks. Could you get a tree?”

We thought that was a great idea. Every year for…well, a long time, I don’t know how long exactly, my mom has invited the same family friends over to trim our tree on Christmas Eve. It’s a big holiday tradition for her. So, JC and Silas picked out a little tree–usually, my mom gets 15′ trees, but we didn’t have the planning to arrange that. Silas was thrilled with the tree.

While JC put on the lights, he gave the angel a pep talk.

Then JC tried to get him to put her up on the top of the tree, but ended up having to do it himself.

Gary had arranged with those same friends to come over for the decorating. Once Mom got over her surprise, she got out a box of ornaments and showed Silas how to put them on the tree.

He found an ornament my brother had made in preschool, and thought the photo on it was himself. He kept pointing to it and saying, “Angel boy Silas!” He does look an awful lot like Alex, especially when he’s in an ornery mood.

As a joke, JC and I made this updated version of that ornament, several years ago. I think we were in college at the time.

Granny and Petra supervised.

So, Silas got to do some decorating, and Mom got to have one last tree party at the lake house.


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