“Tiny Food” Pottery Class

Petra’s been taking pottery lessons with Ros O’Brien for nearly two years now. In that time, Ros founded the Friendly City Art and Clay Center, with studio space and classes for kids, teens, and adults.

One of their first classes was a “tiny foods” pottery class with Mariza Dovis, for homeschoolers. Petra signed up for this one. Overall, I think it went pretty well. She struggled a little with the high energy of some of the other kids, who were mostly younger than her, but she enjoyed learning from Mariza, particularly the day when they got to use the wheel.

I was amazed at the volume and variety of things she built in this class, including her first (decorative) tea pot and a set of tiny cups. Mariza had them doing some neat experiments with stamps and textures. There is some very tiny food in here – some sushi and ramen, but it’s so tiny, you might not see it in the photos.

I asked her if she would take another class there, and she said she might, if it was something she thought sounded interesting. She got back to regular lessons with Ros last week, though, and I could tell she was extremely happy to return to that one-on-one format and focus on the clay more than the social aspects.


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