The Hunt! (2024)

We started a lot of traditions imagining that people would…outgrow them. Elaborate Halloween costumeswild birthday parties…the Egg Hunt.

People have vociferously objected to any suggestion that, perhaps, we could let some of these traditions fade.

We’ve opted for the next-best thing, which is, slowly but surely, putting them in charge of planning these things. Last year, we gave them a budget for the egg hunt and helped them order times to put into the eggs and invite guests. They helped fill the eggs, but JC hid them all.

This year, the kids suggested that their friends could also contribute to the eggs, so we set up a rather complicated potluck where we distributed empty eggs to each family and then collected them a week later, just in time to hide them all.

This system worked out well—all of the kids were excited to come up with their own eggable items. Geese were a big theme, as the kids are playing a Pathfinder adventure with a goose-cult-related theme.

They all had a good time hunting (although, as usual, Lillian felt that there was some injustice in terms of who was hunting where and when…). I am in awe of these kids, of how they are so much the people they have been since they were itty bitty, and also how much they are growing into themselves.


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