She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition

Most of these photos are from the Wayne, mostly by Adam Holmes.

I cannot say enough good things about Studio Wayne, the education department at the Wayne Theatre. My long-time friends Corey Holmes and Lesley Larsen are in the administration there, and they are creating a truly special and powerful theatrical home for performers of all ages.

She Kills Headshots all look like mug shots from Azkaban.

Silas was lucky enough to be in She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition. He was in the ensemble. I asked after the first rehearsal how he felt about that, and he said that Lesley, who was directing, had so many cool ideas for the ensemble that he was excited to do that and wouldn’t have wanted any of the larger parts.

He did have a great time. He got to be one of the heads of Tiamat (he’s the green one). Corey’s husband, Adam, made these massive dragon heads out of cardboard (!). Unbelievably impressive.

He also got to play a demon cheerleader, which was a fun challenge. Silas wasn’t blessed with a great deal of coordination or body awareness, and I was impressed with how much work he put into learning this choreography.

The show itself was fantastic, and he was justifiably proud of his work on it. A bunch of his friends came to see it, and I love them all supporting each other like that—a few weeks earlier, they had all gone to James’ soccer game. The show itself was extremely solid. I would have enjoyed it even if my kid wasn’t in it.

Seeing Silas growing as a performer, learning to conduct himself appropriately in rehearsals, taking notes, and being a generous scene partner are all a joy. Super proud of him, and grateful for his friends and his teachers!


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