Petra’s 11th Birthday Interview

Petra mostly chose to not be on camera for this interview, so I subbed in images from her year instead. Transcript is below.


I’m 11.

You’re 11? Okay.

I’m not 23.

And today is your actual birthday. We are actually recording this on your actual birthday.

Yes, very strange.

How does it feel to be 11?

Not much different from being 10.

Can you tell me one really cool thing that our family did this year?

We went to Colorado, and to Michigan. And the waves at the big lake are very fun, and also not too cold and also fresh water instead of salt water.

What did we do in Colorado?

There was a game store, and in the back room of the game store, there was a place with charcuterie and board games that people could play. Also, there were FIVE CATS, and a dog.

Three big trips this year: We went to Disney, and Colorado, and Michigan. Which was your favorite?

Colorado, the weather was really hot and dry, but we did go to a few cool things, and we met a lot of cats. Disney World…Hollywood Studios kind of sucked, but the other ones were pretty fun. Turns out, Every Person Comes Out Tired is a true statement about Epcot. And Michigan was fun. It was pretty warm while we stayed there, but we stayed in a place with a little lake, so all the time swimming that we could want. I think Michigan was my favorite.

It’s my second-favorite state.

Me too. First favorite is here.

Yeah, Virginia is obviously the best state.

I’m not sure if it’s my first favorite or second favorite country.

The US?

Costa Rica was…

You’ve only been to two countries, though, and if they’re tied for first place, that’s pretty good. What’s something you learned this year?

I learned how to make a canvas bag, and sew on the strap, which was super annoying. I also learned that soccer is boring, but going there is worth it if there’s a really good climbing tree and friends to hang out with during the thing. And books.

Speaking of friends, can you tell me a little bit about who some of your friends are?

Well, there’s the Kutelopes Extended Universe, which is our main D&D group. It has Bethany Fairfield’s kids—

Oh, hey, I’m going to get a picture of this moo-er!

Lawn moo-er! This one really likes to come over here. It has distinctive eye spots. And its name is Lawn Manuel Mo-randa.

Is that the one that slept under Silas’ window?


So, anyway, your friends, you’ve got the Kutelopes Extended Universe…

So there’s the Trainums, Carpenters, and Bethany’s kids. And Miriam’s kids, who are kind of part of the Kutelopes.

Can I say something about the Kutelopes Extended Universe?


Which is that you have known Merryn your whole life in kind of a peripheral way, and then this year, you’re suddenly super tight. And I like that. I like Merryn a lot. She’s good people.

She’s really nice.

Yeah, and Esther is also a really good friend now. Are you excited about Grammy taking you all to the pool?

Water park!

What kinds of things do you like to do with your friends?

Play Path Finder. Just run around in the woods. Hang out. Eat the woods. Discuss random topics. Pet cats.

Tell me something that’s special about our family.

Well, we have a theater on our porch, which is very unusual. We homeschool. And we have three cats.

Do you like homeschooling?


You don’t want to go to real school?


You’re not concerned you’re missing out on a formative experience?

No no no no no! Absolutely not.

Is there anything you want to learn this year?

Maybe learn to make macarons?

I think maybe Dallas could teach you to make macarons.

They are known to be one of the hardest things to make. So the shell is like twice as complicated meringues, and I don’t even know how the fillings work. Also, I’d like to find out if in our Path Finder campaign, we succeed in building a goose cult theme park.

Are you scared of anything?

My only fear is fear. Also a lack of cats.

What’s something you like doing with Dad?

Sometimes we do the Path Finder card game.

What do you like to do with me?

Making food is fun. Read books.

What’s your favorite book?

Wings of Fire series. Oh! Uhm. Actually, if I have to pick something different, Scary Stories for Young Foxes.

Do you have anything you would like to say to Future Petra?

Making cake that looks like sushi is fun.

I’m glad you had fun with that.


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