Christmas Round-up, Phase 3

Let me just say, this child was the holiday MVP.

Petra, playing with Hairy Pawter by dangling cat toys for him to bat.
Sharing Christmas joy with the cats, thanks to Aunt Konni, Uncle Jamie, and their kids who gave her a big bucket of cat toys

I was…not feeling it this year. Partly, I think it was because we were so sick in early December, but also I was busier than usual with work, and … I don’t even know. I didn’t even bother with making an Advent wreath this year, which is usually one of my favorite things. We maybe put up some decorations on the mantle around the 20th or so?

But Petra kept reminding me that we needed to make birdseed ornaments and string popcorn for our feathered friends. She did nearly all of that herself.

She also helped me make shower fizzies to give to friends, reminded me that we needed to wrap presents, and suggested that we watch holiday movies.

She even decked the cat tree.

For “actual Christmas,” we were at home, and the whole thing would have been “just another day” if it weren’t for her relentless elfing.

Silas and I went to the Christmas Eve service at church, while JC and Petra stayed home to set up the spread for Jólabókaflóð. It was quite a feast! Petra even made a Trogdor fruit plate.

We had a pretty mellow, but beautiful time on Christmas day. The kids decided they wanted to open presents a few at a time, every hour or so, to make them last, so we did that. It allowed lots of time for savoring and enjoying each thing.

I’m truly grateful Petra brought the holiday spirit this year.


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