Halloween 2022

(It is nearly Christmas and I’m going to be mad at myself next year if I don’t post the kids’ Halloween costumes)

We went trick-or-treating with Lillian and Arthur. By our math, we’ve done this every year of Petra and Arthur’s lives except for 2020.

Halloween crew L -> Silas as Elf Callum, Petra as the Moon Phoenix, Effie as ?? somebody from Avatar, Lillian as a Spirit Guardian, Arthur as Link, and Myers as a terrible lizard.

This year, I informed my kids that they needed to make their own costumes. I offered to support and assist, but it really was on them.

Silas did not like this idea, particularly since his plan was excessively complex (he wanted to be…some lake? from Dragon Prince?). He ended up going with a relatively simple costume—the human Callum, dressed up as an elf (again, Dragon Prince). He held his hands with his fingers crossed and said things like, “Trees to meet you!” and “Trick or trees!” Once he stopped fussing about it, he had a good time.

“Trees to meet you”

Petra, on the other hand, wanted to be a “moon phoenix” (also from Dragon Prince). She had a vision and a plan. With a little help, she transformed a plague doctor mask into a phoenix face and beak, added blue wings from the dress ups, and built a tail, complete with lights.

It was pretty rainy. By the end of it, we were all quite bedraggled (and sugared up and happy).

The “after” picture

It’s kind of wild to think that we’ve been doing this for so long. The kids are growing up so fast! And yet still so very adorable.

Petra hung her tail up in her room. She worked too hard to consign it to the trash. I don’t think she ever felt so attached to a costume I made…


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