Egg Hunt 2022!

We had our annual egg hunt on Easter Saturday. I think we’ve been doing this since 2016, only missing 2020 because you know.

(Some of these pictures are by my mom, Wendy, but I have lost track of which ones. Apologies!)

We had a great crew of friends, including one first-time egg hunter.

A year and a half old, and already totally gets it.

I’m always trying to come up with something to put in the eggs that is not candy. This year, in addition to random erasers and whatever, I bought a big bag of charm bracelet charms on eBay and got charm bracelets for each of the kids. Some of them got really into swapping around to build to a theme (Arthur decided to make a whole bracelet of keys). The best part was that nearly all of them were able to put the charms on the bracelets themselves, so what I thought was going to be a fiddly parental task was not.

We keep asking the kids, “Aren’t you getting a little big for this?” and they act like that is a bonkers question. But we don’t know how long we want to keep doing this. It was fun a few times, but maybe it’s losing its shine, a little? I think the compromise solution is that we’re asking the kids to plan it next year. We’ll give them a budget and they will need to find things to fill the eggs and fill them, as well as making and managing the invite list. We’ll still hide the eggs so that they can hunt with their friends.

Egg hunts, years previous:


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