At Least the Ducks are Smiling

I told my kids that the one thing I wanted for Christmas was for them to cooperate with family photos.

This would be why they felt like they needed to get me an actual Christmas gift…As my dad said, “At least the ducks were smiling.”

Tiffany Showalter did a fantastic job, though. I apologized for my weird kids making weird faces, and she said that this is part of what she loves, everyone being their strange little selves. I also think that I made a mistake in doing the “posed” ones at the river first. We probably should have just hung out and let the kids get used to the camera being on them before attempting those. Mental note for next time!

I loved how these came out, especially the ones with the cats. In a few years, I’ll probably look back and feel nostalgic about Petra making cat paws in pictures and Silas grinning with his teeth in a bizarre overbite…


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  1. David
    January 5, 2022

    You have made a beautiful life, Aili. Thank you for sharing some part of it. It makes my heart warm.

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