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We’re settling in for a long winter. We’re not twisting hay to stay alive. Given all the possible pandemics in human history that I could have lived through, I’m glad it’s this one. We have germ theory and Netflix.

I’m remembering Advent last year, and how it was just right. We selected some activities that we enjoyed, we had plenty of cozy evenings at home, and we celebrated an extremely beautiful Christmas Eve service with our beloved Community.

This was last year. We haven’t been together as a congregation since March.

As much as I appreciate how very, very lucky our family is to be safe and healthy, and to live in a century with amazing science to help us get through this quickly, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t mourning spending this darkest month of watchful waiting among my people.

Carnival mask from Venice!

Since we’re home, though, we’re focusing on our little nest. I’ve done some minor house projects—rewiring outlets, adding lighting to my favorite couch spot, rehanging closet doors, finishing some trim work that I’ve been “going to get around to” for years. It feels nice, completing these little tasks and making our home more livable.

Some years we don’t do much at all to decorate for the holidays. We’re often not home much in December. This year, that feels like a productive way to spend our time.

Petra helped me make a wreath for the door and our advent wreath. I made a garland for the mantle and … stuck random things up in it. Some years I set up a nativity, but this year, I just have Baby Jesus among the woodland creatures, with the occasional random Santa and nutcracker. We hung our stockings (Petra later added socks on yarn for the cats).

I found places for our commemorative 2020 ornaments, both from our friends at ZN Stained Glass.

We began stringing popcorn and cranberries for our Bird Tree. We’ll probably make birdseed ornaments over the weekend.

And…added one more bit of cozy. Meet Clementine. She’s darling. Yes, this makes four cats. But I have friends who have four kids and two cats, so I feel like I’m still ahead.

She’s….not a foster.


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