Halloween 2019

A belated update on Halloween:

I keep waiting for the kids to stop wanting to do paired costumes, but they aren’t there yet. It is too cute for words. It also adds greatly to the complexity of the costume decision, because they both have to agree.

They had a number of ideas that I thought were very cool, but eventually they decided against. My favorite was that for a while, they wanted to be Strongbad and the Cheat. I was researching how to make a luchador mask and sourcing small boxing gloves. When they opted not to do this, I have to admit, I was pretty sad at the missed opportunity. Kat had given me the idea of being the Cheat’s Hot Mom, which was super compelling.

But their next idea was also very cool, which was to be Crawley and Aziraphale, from Good Omens. Again, I was quite into this.

But before I had ordered any angel wings, they settled on Merry and Pippin, from Lord of the Rings. This was cute but, like. Boring. Oh well, another year, maybe.

Nasty hobbitses

The good news was, these costumes were easy. I just had to make a pair of tunics and some little fluffy spats. We already had the cloaks from prior years. They wore these costumes (minus the spats) to the Ravenwood Faire the weekend before.

It turns, this was a good year to have opted for simple costumes, because we basically trick-or-treated in a tornado. Nobody else was out! So no one would have appreciated clever costumes.

Myers went as a storm chaser.

We had a visiting scholar from China along for the adventure, and she kept saying, “Is it always like this?” We tried to explain to her that there are normally way more kids and less wind, but she seemed befuddled by the whole thing.

As we have done for the past seven years, we trick-or-treated with Myers, Laura, Lillian, and Arthur. Arthur was a transformer. Lil cosplayed her character from D&D club.

Our friend Stacie, who happens to be our dentist, and her boys came as well. Andrew was Spiderman and William was a soldier. Yep…we trick-or-treated with our dentist, which somehow feels very wrong. But she’s super cool and doesn’t make a thing of it or stuff floss in the kids’ candy buckets.

The kids will remember this Halloween forever–the streets were empty, the clouds were swirling, and people were handing out fistfuls of candy because they didn’t want to have a ton of leftovers. It was a wild night.


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