The D&D Party


Silas, after much deliberation, decided he wanted to have a D&D party for his birthday.

Since he had a Lord of the Rings party two years ago, we agreed that we wanted to be clear that the aesthetic was D&D, not “fantasy world setting.”

We decorated with dice, minis, and game books.

I also designed a few posters with funny D&D-related slogans on them.

…and printed a pile of internet memes.

A Fairfield in his native habitat

Silas said he wanted pizza and Cheetos for food. “And not homemade pizza, Mom. Like, order it from the pizza store.” As something of an homage to the infamous Dead Alewives video, Silas requested Mountain Dew (which he has never had before). I didn’t want a dozen highly caffeinated gremlins in my house, so we compromised with Ramune.

Oh, and of course a birthday cake, with a D20 on it.

I didn’t realize until it was half-eaten that the only picture I got of it was this blurry monstrosity.

Somebody commented that the menu looked like it had been planned by a nine-year-old boy. Yep.

I made “gelatinous cubes” (Jello jigglers).

The party favors were bags with dice sets. Silas asked me to make a mimic chest to hold them. Although he was skeptical as I worked on it over the course of the week, I think he was pleased with how it came out.

I told JC that, what with the store-bought pizza and Cheetos and printed internet memes, this was about the least stressy birthday party I’ve done yet. He said, “Well, I’m more stressed about this one than I’ve ever been.”

And no wonder, because Silas wanted him to run a game for an unspecified number of his friends. It needed to have at least three encounters, lots of treasure, and a dragon. Ideally, it would take about an hour.

A tall order, but JC took it on with good humor. The children were all suitably amused.

But before we could attempt the serious business of the game, there were endless shenanigans.

Kutelopes, of course.

The little boys asked me to turn on the bubble machine.

We had to pass around our latest clowder of kittens.

Also cake, of course.

The traditional family birthday song.

We had a pinata left over from GISH, and the little guys gleefully abused it. They had their own adventure, of sorts, and brought back the head as a trophy.

Silas said afterward, “That was the most fun birthday I’ve had since last time!” His buddies want to play more D&D. And JC is apparently starting yet another game night for elementary school kids…

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