Kutelopes in the Wild

The Kutelopes decided that they needed to play at Riven Rock (and then complained that there were people there…at a public park…)

They found a private spot for their den after all.

Lillian brought a book she’s been working on: A Guide to Kutelopes. Silas was excited and surprised because he’s been working on a book with the same title. I thought they might be irritated about the overlap, but they were just excited, planning to compare notes soon.

We few, we happy few…

They were far enough away that I didn’t get as many photos as I might have liked. They looked so beautiful, moving through the trees and rocks and water.

“Baby Destroyer” was so happy to be at the river, he spent a significant amount of time just standing in the water, doing a happy dance.

It’s rare that I get a good picture of one of my friends. Adults are more self-conscious than children, and more aware that I’m there with the camera. It feels rude to snap a picture in the middle of the conversation. But I have such beautiful friends, I can’t help myself sometimes.

This summer, I’ve been doing a lot of Day Job work (which is good! I like my day job, and I also like not worrying about whether we’re going to be sent to the workhouse), but not a lot of my Real Work. And for once, I’m okay with that. I’m drinking in the beauty of this summer, and feeling fed and filled by it.


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