Furious Flower Camp

Last week, Silas and some friends attended an awesome “creativity camp” at JMU. It was sponsored by the Furious Flower Poetry Center. A diverse group of teachers and counselors led kids in activities to develop their skills in visual arts, music, dance, and poetry.

He came home overflowing with excitement every afternoon. He made new friends, tried out new art forms, and excitedly chattered about his teachers and classes.

He wrote a poem (“We were supposed to write about our favorite season. But then I started thinking about food and couldn’t think about anything else.”):

He also was supposed to make a vision board of things that make him happy. Definitely my kid…

In another class, he had an assignment to make the most useless dragon possible. I think he delivered.

One of his classes chose the team name “The Jazz Bananas.” I think this is supposed to be a jazz banana…

The first day, they had to write an acrostic of their name on a paper bag, and then throughout the week, other kids and teachers left notes for him.

Literally 90% of the notes from other kids said, “Hi.” It kind of reminded me of that Far Side where they get a dog translator, and all the dogs are just saying, “Hey.”

But he did get a few actual communications.

At the end of the week, they had a performance, which was very fun. We got to see their vision boards and mural, hear some poetry, see a great dance number (with a LOT of kids!), and hear a song. Silas was so inspired by one of the counselors playing her ukulele, he’s asked us for one for his birthday.

He had a great week of expanded horizons, and I hope he goes again next year!


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