Surprise Baby!

Petra has a hanging tent pod thing that the wind decided needed to be stuck up in a maple tree for a couple months. We couldn’t reach it to get it down. The other day, I was walking in the woods and happened to notice that it was sagging to where I probably could get a stick and pull it.

When it came down, I noticed there was a nest in it. I looked closer, thinking it was an older one and I could take it in to show the kids.

Much to my surprise, a new-hatched baby bird was in there! So I brought the kids to the nest rather than bringing the nest to the kids.

We think it is a baby chickadee, but we’re not sure. Backyard ornithologists, care to weigh in?

I hope the mama is able to find it. There wasn’t any way to get it back to where it was. If it is indeed a chickadee, I think it’s fine–they are very adaptable.


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