Growing Up Kutelope

On Memorial Day, we went to Peter and Bethany’s for a cookout, along with Myers and Laura…and all 8 children.

Myers made a fruit salad in a watermelon (he’s very into watermelons).

We had a great time–getting to hang out with them is a delight, and now that most of the kids are in school, we don’t have our regularly scheduled playdates all the time. They missed each other–and so did we!

Except for the tiniest, the children are old enough to get their own food, and I found myself marveling at them, suddenly so independent where even last summer, we had to be much more hands-on with their plates.

Jude makes up for whatever inconvenience his littleness causes by being adorable–and the only one who doesn’t avoid the camera.

What happened when I said, “May I take your picture, Hambone?”

They were being wild things, playing Kutelopes all evening, getting covered in mud, bouncing on the trampoline, sneaking extra cookies, hiding in the boxwood like some site-specific Twelfth Night, running through the lawn, playing on the swings. I don’t think there is a more perfect start to summer than enjoying a conversation with my favorite people while our children delightedly entertain each other.


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