Saying Goodbye

We’ve been fostering kittens for nearly two years now. I think we’ve probably had around 30 kittens pass through here, although I honestly have lost count by this point.

Petra is doing more of the work of it, as she’s getting older. She’s developing into a better kitty foster parent. She used to choose favorites and spend too much time with just one kitten, neglecting the others. She doesn’t do that anymore, and is proud of herself for not doing that.

Recently, she became very upset at the idea that if we spay or neuter the cats that come through our cat rescue, eventually, all the cats would be sterilized and then there wouldn’t be any way to make more kittens, which would be a tragedy. Christy, the cat lady, kindly took the time to explain to her that there’s no way we’d ever manage to sterilize every cat. Cats aren’t endangered. Of course, this is pretty much what I said too, but she believed it more coming from Christy.

People ask us often if the kids will be upset about having to let the cats go to their “furever home.” The truth is, they’ve been remarkably fine with it.

Petra with Lyra, who is a senior kitty but still (fingers crossed) in good health.

One day, JC asked Petra whether she hoped we’d have a “foster fail” (when you end up turning at foster kitty into a permanent part of the family). She surprised him by saying no. She said that she knew she would likely outlive any cat that we acquired, and she’s not ready to face the death of a cat yet. She said that she likes the way that her last goodbye to the kittens we take care of is sending them into a good home. She doesn’t have to say the saddest goodbye.

That perspective blew me away. I should stop being surprised by the things she comes up with, but she still manages to boggle my mind. She’s learned a lot from caring for these kitties, and I’m proud of her deep reflection on it.

Plus, as much as I might like to have a “foster fail,” the endless supply of kittens is pretty sweet.


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  1. Linda Bengston
    February 25, 2019

    Okay, I cried.

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