Halloween 2018

As is traditional, we went trick-or-treating with Myers, Laura, Arthur, and Lillian. This year’s special guest: My dentist! (she was super chill about the whole candy thing, but it was still funny)

Eating the world’s biggest pizza before heading out to candy town.

Fortunately, Petra had a great, simple, clear idea: she wanted to be a white kitty with rainbow tail, ears, and collar. Mom found the needed items at Claire’s and all I had to add was a pair of white leggings and some facepaint.

Unfortunately, she ended up wearing her costume so much before Halloween that she lost the ears!

Fortunately, we found ones she liked even better, which lit up.

Unfortunately, Silas really wanted to do a paired costume with her, but didn’t want to be a mouse, a fish, a chunk of cheese, a yarn ball, or a litter box (all ideas that were discussed). He dithered for a month or more.

Fortunately, with a week to go, I asked Laura what her kids were being. When Silas heard that Lil was being a dragon, he decided he wanted to be a wizard to go with that.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a costume in the dress-up bin that really said “wizard.”

Fortunately, I needed to sort my fabric anyway, so I found some that worked well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to add lights to it or anything like that.

Fortunately, Silas didn’t seem to care.

(Arthur was a Very Hungry Caterpillar, which was *adorable*)


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