Tea Rex Party: Food!

What’s a party without food, right? And what’s a kid birthday theme party without puns?

We had a number of fun things, including….

a queso volcano (the brown on the sides of the mountain are refried beans…kind of the whole thing is edible).
Melon dinosaurs (Petra’s idea)
Veggies for the herbivores
Bread bones

Camomile tea in custom tea cups!

And of course, the cake.

Petra wanted a strawberry cake with vanilla frosting. I am super bad at making frosting roses, so we decided I would do them and we’d have dinosaurs eating them. She wanted a T. Rex that had just killed another dinosaur on the top. “Can you make frosting look like blood on it?” she said.


There is no joy as pure as that on the face of a six-year-old when her friends are singing “Happy Birthday” to her. None.

It was a good cake. Confession: I asked the internet how to make a strawberry cake and the consensus was that it’s basically impossible to get right and you should just do Duncan Hines. So I did. No regrets.

For the adults in the room, I tried to come up with some kind of punny themed cocktails, but was disappointingly uninspired. We hit upon a wine called “Carnivore,” and some India pale (eo) ale.


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