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When I said I was done posting Michigan photos, I didn’t realize that I still had a couple days’ worth on my camera.

We took the kids to the Grand Rapids Public Museum. We’ve been there before, but this time, they were both finally big enough to ask interesting questions about the exhibits. We stayed there for five hours. No one fussed! It’s a whole new world.

We enjoyed the typical kid stuff–riding the Carousel, playing in the forest house–but also the bigger kid stuff, like the dioramas and the cases of artifacts. Petra enjoyed seeing the fossils, of course, but also learning about microbes and trying to ride a velocipede. Silas was just generally fascinated by everything, but I think his favorite part was all the hats.

We also went to the zoo together. I took them by myself and it was great. We saw lots of cool animals, including a red panda! I know I keep saying this lately, but they were so engaged with what they were looking at…they weren’t just messing around, they were observing. Petra carefully took pictures of every animal and read all the signs about their habitats and habits. They had a very cool play zone with big branches that a bunch of kids used to make a shelter. Petra copied it in miniature “for squirrels.” Miraculously, even though the big structure ultimately collapsed,  no one was hurt.

When I said


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