Meijer Garden in Bloom

We’ve been to Meijer Gardens many, many, many times over the years. I think we’ve been every time that we’ve been in Grand Rapids as a family. But we’ve never been there in the SUMMER. Whole different experience!

Pam visited us for a couple of days–she came to our first runthrough of the play, and then the next morning, we all went to Meijer Gardens. One of my favorite GISH tasks was to make a treasure map to give to someone who is important to you. The “treasure” at the end of the hunt is a letter about how that person changed your life.

Pam was my person. JC helped me hide the letter near one of the waterfalls in the Japanese garden. Pam followed my (poorly drawn) map. We made a little video for GISH. And I loved it because I would never have done something like that “just because,” but writing that letter was really moving for me, and watching her read it was, too.

Also, Meijer Garden is so much more exciting when it’s not snowing (although there is something very cool about sitting in the glasshouse with the cactuses and looking out at the ice).

The kids are maybe a little big for the children’s garden? Silas seems to be outgrowing that kind of thing, anyway. But he loved playing with the water features. Both of them seemed to really enjoy the Japanese garden, too. Although trying to explain Zen to them was…challenging.


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