Give me some sugar

One of our favorite things about coming to Grand Rapids is getting to visit with Kate and her adorable sugar gliders. Petra and Silas enjoyed feeding them Cheerios and watching them eat with their tiny hands. I was impressed with the questions they had for Kate–Do they have thumbs on their feet? Do they eat nuts and seeds? What do they like to do at night? Why do they have such big eyes? Do they like to hide in the closet? What time do they wake up?

Before we went over there, I told the kids that the gliders’ names are Sebastian and Viola, which then led to a longer discussion about Twelfth Night.

And now they are pretending to be shipwrecked sugar gliders with mistaken identity issues.

Boom, biology and literature study done for the day (plus a great deal of fun and getting to see a much-loved friend). #homeschooling


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