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The other day, when I posted the FINALLY COMPLETE Where the Wild Things Are square, somebody asked me about the other quilt squares. That’s when I realized that there are a bunch of them that I either did not post, or did a poor job of tagging, because I couldn’t find them. So…here are the current states of the book quilts.

For those who are not familiar with this project, here’s the deal. Each year, on the kid’s birthday, I ask them what their favorite book is. And then I make a fabric representation of the cover of it. These are in a mix of media–some embroidery, some applique, some fabric paint. Occasionally, the fabrics I choose have other meaning for me, beyond the book itself. I’m not sure how many I’ll do per kid. Probably either 15 or 18. I remember when I started this, Alex said, “But what if they’re into some sick books when they’re teenagers? You really want to put a Chuck Palahniuk book in there next to The Very Hungry Caterpillar?” I actually think that would be kind of cool. It fits my sense of humor, anyway.

So here’s the current state of the quilts.

First Silas:

Age 1: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I did this with freezer paper applique technique. It’s a good technique for complex shapes. You’re supposed to remove the freezer paper afterward, but Baby Silas loved books that had textures in them, like crinkly bits to mess with, so I left them in. It makes the caterpillar feel like a crinkly baby toy. The green fabric with the writing on it was left over from some crib sheets I made for him, and the green with the star is from some throw pillows my mom made for me when I decorated my room in middle school. The face is the fabric that eventually became the “Baby Carrie” dress for Petra.

Age 2: Mouse Paint

For this one, I obviously had to use paint, because those mice are painting! Silas loved this book at 2, and would repeat it to himself as he was playing with paints. I can’t draw to save my life, so this one is done with freezer paper stencil. I love how freezer paper stencil comes out. The part where you peel off the freezer paper is kind of weirdly magical.

Age 3: Where the Wild Things Are

I did not really love this book when I was a kid. I wasn’t much of a “wild thing” and I didn’t like Max. But Silas loved it. One evening, when we came home, he sighed as I parked the car: “Oh, we have come home to our brown house, where someone loves me most of all,” echoing the end of this book. And now I will love this book forever and ever amen.

Age 4: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

This was a favorite in my house growing up, as well. My mom bought many of the Dover Press facsimile editions of the books. We watched the movie every year when it was on TV (does anyone else remember that? I didn’t know what the Super Bowl was, but this was a big deal watching event for us). This is another freezer paper stencil piece. The block printed cover lent itself well to that.

Age 5: Hank the Cowdog

Silas couldn’t pick which book of the series he liked best, so I just did the series logo.


Age 6: Frog and Toad are Friends

I haven’t started this one because I’m not quite sure how to do it. We do love Arnold Lobel, though, and I was pleased that this was his favorite. We’re also huge fans of the play, A Year with Frog and Toad, which is a brilliant script.

Age 7: Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook

I haven’t started this one either. I’m keeping an eye on Pokemon licensed fabric, because I’m hoping they’ll come out with a fabric that looks like this and then I can just embroider the words on top of it. If you are at the fabric store and you find something that looks like this, please get me a fat quarter. I will pay you back plus a finder’s fee. I really don’t want to have to make a million pokemons….

Who knows what Silas will pick for Age 8. It’s anyone’s guess right now. He’s really digging A Series of Unfortunate Events, so I’m hoping maybe something from that.

Petra’s quilt:

Age 1: The Runaway Bunny

This might be my favorite of all the squares I’ve done so far. I had so much fun doing the botanical details, and I love the little outlined bunnies. I was going to fill them in, but I loved them so much after I just did the outsides. The blue fabric is leftover from the Jane Austen dress I made for Petra’s fairy godmother.

Age 2: The Flower Girl Book

This was a book we read over and over as Petra got ready to be a flower girl in Natalie and Logan’s wedding. She loved it, and it did help her imagine what that experience would be like.

Age 3: Go Dog, Go!

Do you like my hat?

A mix of freezer paper stencil and embroidery.

Age 4: Winnie the Pooh

I’m going to do a cross stitch of this one. It will probably take a while.

Age 5: Everyone Poops

Just starting. A mix of applique and embroidery. My girl is classy.

What will be Petra’s fave for age 6? I honestly don’t know! She spends a lot of time with her dinosaur books, but I don’t know if she has a favorite.


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