Wonder Wall

I’m always bothered by the fact that I have such GREAT pictures of my family, but I’m bad about printing them, so I only ever see them on my phone, basically. I also have a lot of beautiful “friend art” that wasn’t displayed in the house. For a couple of years now, I’ve been contemplating putting together a photo wall. I had this big plan about getting thrift store frames and spray painting them to all match, but it’s actually hard to find decent frames at the thrift store, especially ones that can hang on the wall. I also kept losing track of them…

After a lot of contemplation and consultation, I decided to have the photos printed with a foam mount and to frame the “friend art” in frameless frames so they wouldn’t look weird with those (the frameless frames were my mom’s idea, I didn’t even know that was a thing). Bethany recommended putting up pieces of paper for each bit that I wanted to hang, so that I could arrange them without it being the Real Thing.

I could not be more pleased with how it turned out. I didn’t plan for this, but the wall it’s on is the one I happen to look at when I’m sitting at the table, so I get to admire it more than everyone else does.

I love that the pictures include ones by my mom and my brother, as well as Rebekah Budnikas, Andy Clingempeel, and Tiffany Showalter, as well as ones I took–and mine don’t look too bad up there with those talented photographers’ (I get lucky). I have the poems Kirsten wrote for each of my kids and Ely, JoEtta’s calligraphy for our wedding and each baby’s birth, Jennifer’s swirling waters painting. One of Silas’ baby pictures has him on a quilt Tina made. In another picture, he’s wearing a hat Konni crocheted for him.

I also see, in my own photos in this collection, what I learned from the photographers I’ve worked with. Mostly Andy, but I do see some Jeff James and Ron Rammelkamp influences in there as well.

Some of these pictures are from exceptionally happy days. Others are just from ordinary time around the house. All of them are treasures.


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