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I should just warn everyone here, this is a mom brag post. I’m just so dang amused with Silas these days, and I tried to write this in a way that was more modest about that, but it was a lie. I could read his stuff all day. Sorry in advance! Silas has finally decided that he does better just guessing at his own spelling versus asking me to spell things out for him. This act of impatience has prompted a flurry of creative output.

I’m sharing some here, with edits for clarity (and legibility).

For one thing, he wrote a short Christmas play.

At the top, you see his cast list:

Silas: David the Gnome–Good Guy
JC: Evil Claus–Bad Guy
Santa–Prisoner of Evil Claus
Aili: Army of Gnomes
Rudolph–Animal Friend
Petra: Mrs. Claus–Spy

And then we get into the action:

Act 1, Scene 1:
Santa is sitting on a chair, making a toy.
Santa opens the door. Evil Claus is there.

Evil Claus: Mwahahahaha!

Santa Claus: Who are you?

Evil Claus: I want to dance with you.

Santa Claus: Okaaaaay.

Evil Claus grabs Santa Claus and shoves Santa Claus into a bag and runs out the door.
Mrs. Claus enters with cookies.

Mrs. Claus: I brought some cookies for youuuuu? I guess they’re for me. Nom nom nom nom nom nom.

There are more scenes, but I didn’t get pictures. Santa ends up being rescued by David and an army of gnomes, also there is a ride in a sleigh, and Mrs. Claus is revealed to be a James-Bond-type spy.

Not bad, right? If you think that’s good, though, brace yourselves, because here comes “Look Out Patrick,” a piece of short prose.

This is a story called “Look Out, Patrick!”

Patrick: “La!” (those are music notes on either side of the “La”)
Enemy: YUM.
One breezy afternoon, Patrick was running home.

One day, Patrick the mouse was doing her jog, when suddenly Patrick
Oh No
An eagle

Enemy: Yum

Patrick: La! Ooooo! Print! [ed. Silas said that Patrick was distracted by the footprints on the path in front of him and totally missed the death from the sky]

The End

He’s also been writing some D&D related materials.

A D&D Book for my dad, JC Huber

Pokemon Go Players Silas

The World’s War

By Silas Huber

This is a character sheet, sort of, or maybe it’s a party sheet? At the top you see the options for class:

Bard, random, wizard, necromancer, queen, king, fighter

Next is race/species:

Orc, random, goblin, T Rex, chimera, human

And then you can see what they each chose:

Silas: Bard Chimera

Petra: Fighter T Rex

JC: Orc Wizard

Here’s another party I was in. I’m the “Fairy Wizard” at the top.

Options in the middle:

Bard, hero, wizard, cleric, fighter

Elf, fairy, random, dwarf, orc, goblin

Silas: Hero/Bard/Wizard/Fighter Elf

Petra: Cleric Elf

Another round:

Bard, necromancer

Orc, goblin, pig

Silas: Bard Goblin

Petra: Bard Pig

JC: Necromancer Orc

Here’s the map Silas made to lay out our adventures:

Can you spot the whirlpools, dragons, Lightning Mountain, Dragon Mountain, two smithies, a pig Monster, Bird Island, a castle, a Vent Monster, a fish, the sun, a horde of undead, clouds, and several homes?

Lastly, I know your kid probably wrote a cute letter to Santa. But Silas’ takes the cake. I mean cookie. Takes the cookie.

Dear Santa,

I I I love love love you you you

But you can have a cookie

Except only after dinner.

Love, Silas

North Pole

Sorry, Santa

PS Santa Bye!


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