Second clowder

I just realized I didn’t ever get around to posting pictures of Petra’s second clowder of kittens.

We know that Tony has now found his forever home, and Missy, now renamed “Roo,” has a great place with some friends of ours. No word on Cleo, but I might have just missed the post about that.

This group stayed with us longer than we’d planned, as they had an infection that prevented them from getting on a transport when they should have. We were pretty attached by the time we said goodbye, even to Cleo, who was a bit of a grouch!

We took a break for about a month to give Lyra some space. These kittens got pretty teenager-y and she was not into that, although she didn’t mind them when they were tiny. But we’re about ready to get another batch, and little kitten mama is beyond excited!


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